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GenCLiP 2.0
Human Gene Function And Network Analysis
 Lab of Bioinformatics
 Institute of Cancer Research
Southern Medical University
 GuangZhou, China


  • • Interaction Pairs

  • Description:   These molecular interaction pairs are identified by our rule-based approach. In the file, we provided all interaction pairs and their PubMed abstract IDs (PMIDs) whose abstract contain sentence of evidence and/or co-occurrence of them, and annotated whether the pair contained in other databases (HPRD, BioGRID, IntAct and CORUM).

        Interactions Release 2016-3 (.txt, 32M)

  • • Genes and Keywords Association

  • Description:  The terms (include single word, short GO terms and phrases) that appeared frequently in certain genes' related literatures were considered as keywords for these genes. The compressed file contained keywords files of each gene, named by Entrez gene ID, where the keywords and frequency were provided. In the txt file, we provided annotated genes (Entrez gene ID) of each keyword.

        Gene Keyword Association Release 2016-3 (.gz, 4.3M)

        Keyword Gene Association Release 2016-3 (.txt, 3.2M)